Morning Session

8.50am to 11.30am

£ 12.50

Snack & Milk are provided, free of charge

Afternoon Session

11.50am to 2.50pm

£ 15.00

Snack & Milk are provided, free of charge

Full Day Session

8.50am to 2.50pm

£ 30.00

Snack & Milk are provided, free of charge

Breakfast Club

8.20am to 8.50am

£ 3.00

Price includes cereal, toast & milk

Lunchtime Session

11.30am to 12.30pm

£ 5.00

Lunchtime Session

if in receipt of nursery grant

£ 2.50

Need to know Information

Bradway Pre-school is open term time, Monday to Friday. Our hourly charging rate is £5.00. Our session times and prices are listed above. Fees are payable on a termly basis at the beginning of each half term.

Download Application Form Here: Application Form


Children can claim the Nursery Grant the term after they turn 3. All children are eligible to claim 15 hours Nursery Grant for 38 weeks per year.

If you are eligible to claim the 30 hours of free childcare, then we can offer spaces for 30 hours, dependent on numbers.  Details about this, and whether or not you are eligible, can be found on the HMRC website.